The Best Credit Cards for Teens, Students, and Young Adults

The best starter cards in these categories enable you to establish credit without having to pay dearly in fees or to give up all of your rewards benefits. Here we look at four of the top recommended cards in this category from Credit Karma. Best Rewards Program for College Students Journey Student Rewards by Capital… continue reading.

What Are The Best Credit Cards for Starters?

As a first time credit card user, the deck is stacked against you. These cards help you to overcome these sometimes seemingly insurmountable odds and establish a credit history. Such cards maintain minimal (if any) credit requirements and allow you to routinely access your credit score for free. They also deliver low costs and APR… continue reading.

How To Manage A Balance Transfer on Credit Cards?

First you gather up your highest interest rate credit card balances. Get the statements so that you have all of the information necessary to transfer them to your new zero percent balance transfer offer. Next you will need to have your balance transfer offer ready to hand. They may have you send out checks included… continue reading.

What Are The Nine Different Types of Credit Cards?

As with most things in life, there is no such a thing as a one size fits all credit card. Credit cards were designed with many different individuals in mind. Here are nine different types of credit cards, some of which will fit your situation better than others do. Unsecured Credit Cards These are the… continue reading.

Factors You Need To Consider When Choosing A Credit Card

It goes without saying that not all credit cards are created equally. You should only consider the best ones for your personal situation. Here are five factors to think about when you are looking for your first (or next) credit card. Cost of Having the Card Credit cards always come with fees, detailed in the… continue reading.