How to Use the Debt Snowball Method to Guard Your Credit

If you have let your debt snowball out of control, then you will probably need to make use of an effective and proven method of paying it down like the Snowball Method. This method of liquidating debt was originally conceived of and made famous by personal finance guru and radio talk show host Dave Ramsey…. continue reading.

How to Avoid Credit Collection Scams

Many lenders and creditors rely on third party companies in the debt collection business to go after delinquent accounts. Credit card companies use debt collectors like these to pursue charged off accounts all the time. Many debt collectors who call on the phone are legitimate, but there are also scammers posing as collectors who will… continue reading.

How to Repair Your Credit If Your Identity Has Been Stolen

The most important thing with repairing your credit report after your identity has been stolen is to move fast and with patience. The quicker you are able to find and dispute fraud, the easier it will be to have them removed.  The first thing that you should do is call the credit bureaus and request… continue reading.

How Do I Dispute My Credit Report Online?

Disputing information on your credit report online is the fastest way to accomplish this task. If you find something that is incorrect or incomplete while reviewing your credit reports, you can file directly with the credit reporting bureau that has the inaccurate information. Doing so requires that you go to: According to TransUnion. It… continue reading.

What is Credit Monitoring?

Credit monitoring services are commercial endeavors that charge a fee to watch over your credit reports. They alert you if they discover any changes to your accounts (or new accounts) detailed in your credit report. If another individual attempts to utilize your data to open a new credit account, the service will tell you immediately… continue reading.