What Do I Need to Get a Credit Card?

What does it take to get your first credit card? You need an income in order to qualify for a credit card. The Credit Card Act of 2009 set new standards for protecting consumers. The act does not require a minimum income to get a credit card, but it does restrict issuing one to a person who can not make the minimum payments under credit card account terms. 

You must be able to demonstrate an income that shows you have the capability to pay back the debt. The card issuers will consider a few factors besides income. They use these to determine your debt to income ratio, which compares your total monthly debt repayments to your available monthly income. 

The ratio which the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau suggests is no higher than 43 percent. A credit card issuer will evaluate your debt to income figure to decide if you should have their credit card and how much of a limit you deserve.

They will also consider your credit history and credit score. Even if you do not have a credit card yet, you will have a credit history that is based on repayments of other debts such as student loans or car loans. 

You do not need to file prove of income. If you apply online for a credit card, the application process includes a question on how much your income is. 

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