How Can You Monitor Your Credit Score for Free?

How Can You Monitor Your Credit Score for Free?

Free credit monitoring from Credit Karma empowers you to keep an eye on your credit score. Credit Karma lets you check your credit score as often as you like, with no penalty resulting on your credit reports. Besides the ability to pull your score whenever you want, they will also let you pull your credit reports (though not full reports from all three bureaus) on demand. 

Credit Karma even offers a free limited credit monitoring service that helps you to stay abreast of your credit. Whenever they observe any significant changes to your Equifax or TransUnion credit reports, they will dispatch an alert to you so that you can follow up on any suspicious activities before a fraudster does you great damage. 

Getting started is a matter of signing up for a free Credit Karma account. The free credit score and monitoring they provide will enable you to catch either mistakes or identity theft signs in time to correct or address them before they cause you serious harm. Mistakes on your credit report prove to be more commonplace than you might expect. 

These can cause you to pay higher interest rates or be rejected from credit applications for which you should be approved. 

Meanwhile their credit monitoring will make it quicker and simpler to find suspicious activities on your report. Examples of these are new hard inquiries that someone makes on your report without asking you and newly opened accounts that you did not request. Monitoring your credit score and reports is a good financial habit that you should personally practice routinely or pay a service to do on your behalf. 

How Can I See My Credit Score For Free?

There are two basic ways to see your credit score for free. Some credit card companies and banks provide a free credit score to you on your monthly statement. Examples of these providers are Capital One, Bank of America, and Barclays. 

You can also create an account with one of the two best regarded free credit score companies Credit Karma or Discover It. Without having to link a credit card or sign up for a free trial, both companies will allow you to regularly check on your credit score and your credit report as many times as you like at no charge and without any hard inquiries on your credit report resulting from doing so. 

Did you know that over 100 million Americans now have an account with Credit Karma and so keep an eye on their credit scores at no charge in this way.

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