What Are The Best Credit Cards for Starters?

What Are The Best Credit Cards for Starters?

As a first time credit card user, the deck is stacked against you. These cards help you to overcome these sometimes seemingly insurmountable odds and establish a credit history.

Such cards maintain minimal (if any) credit requirements and allow you to routinely access your credit score for free. They also deliver low costs and APR as well as rewards programs. Unlike most credit cards out there, these do not expect a credit history for you to qualify. 

Best All Around Starter Card

Wells Fargo Cash Back College is the best all around credit card starter. It is oriented to students, but lets anyone without a credit history enjoy the exciting features of credit, like no annual fees, a zero percent intro APR on balance transfers and initial purchases, and a rewards program as well. 

Best Secured Card for Starters

Discover It Secured is the best secured card for starters. With this card, you will be expected to make a deposit against your credit card limit. As a first time secured card goes, it provides you with a good rewards program and a low deposit amount. After you have successfully made eight months of timely payments to the account, Discover will contemplate returning your deposit back to you.

This could be your best way to go for a first time credit card.

Best No Major Fees Starter Card

Petal Credit Card is famous for not charging any significant fees of any kind. You do not encounter any foreign currency transaction fees, late payment fees, or even annual fees with Petal. This is the card for you who want to build up your credit while spending nothing for the privilege. 

Best Low APR Credit Card for Starters

SKYPASS Visa Secured Card is your best bet for a low APR card for starters. It is the only secured credit card that permits you to earn miles for airlines, and it also comes with a comparatively lower APR for starters. It may seem to you that 17.99 percent interest is not so low, but this is actually competitive compared to most starter credit cards today.

Make sure to pay off your monthly balances each month, and you will avoid these costly fees.

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