The Best Credit Cards for Teens, Students, and Young Adults

The Best Credit Cards for Teens, Students, and Young Adults

The best starter cards in these categories enable you to establish credit without having to pay dearly in fees or to give up all of your rewards benefits. Here we look at four of the top recommended cards in this category from Credit Karma.

Best Rewards Program for College Students

Journey Student Rewards by Capital One offers the best rewards program for college students. You get cash back for every purchase. They also give you additional advantages when you engage in good credit behaviour. With no annual fee, the company makes money on the back end. If you carry a balance, it will cost you a dear 26.99 percent APR in interest.

Pay your full balance each month and you can avoid this entirely. 

Best Secured Credit Card for Students and Teens

For the best secured card for teens and students, Credit Karma suggests the Discover It Secured Credit Card. Besides no annual fee, you get a rewards program and the opportunity to retrieve your deposit after eight months of timely payment history. They also provide you with an impressive two percent in cash back on purchases at restaurants and gas stations on your first $1,000 in combined category purchases for every quarter (and one percent thereafter).

Discover goes all in by matching your first year’s cash back as well. 

Best Rewards Card for Good Credit Graduates

Chase Freedom hits a home run with this best rewards card for those college grads with good credit. They offer a generous sign up bonus and the chance to learn the best ways to optimize your rewards programs. You start with a $150 bonus after spending only $500 on purchases in the first three months of the account. 

Best Card for Limited Credit College Grads

Capital One offers its QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card as a way for college grads with limited credit to improve their credit scores to the from good to excellent range. You earn terrific rewards as you use this card too. Established for people who only possess average credit, it works great if your credit history is limited and assuming that you have no recent account defaults. 

It is no small thing to find a fair credit score card that provides a fantastic rewards program. QuicksilverOne gives you solid 1.5 percent cash back for each purchase you charge. They also promise a review for a credit line increase after making timely payments in your first five months. 

Best International Student Credit Card

The vast majority of credit card issuers in America require that you possess a Social Security number in order to apply for their card. The Deserve Edu Mastercard is a notable exception for international students. The card comes with nice reward perks too. Approved applicants get as much as $59 in Amazon Prime Student subscription reimbursements.

You can also count on their full one percent cash back on every purchase you charge with this credit card.

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