How Do I Compare Credit Cards?

How Do I Compare Credit Cards?

Nowadays online sites like Nerd Wallet and Wallet Hub provide you with free credit card offer comparisons screening tools. These permit you to line up the various credit cards that are most relevant to you so that you can compare them by interest rates, rewards, cash back, balance transfer offers, business features, bad credit, and more. 

These handy online apps allow you to apply specific filters in their comparison tools. After you have checked the features that are most important to you, they will return a list of credit cards that match your specified profile. Comparing credit cards like this before you apply for them will save too many hard hits on your credit reports that could damage your credit score.

Other sites like Credit Karma actually ask you a series of questions (four with Credit Karma) and then reveal the best cards in each category. They tell you to think about your credit (know your credit score and be realistic) and then determine if you will carry a balance or pay off the charges every month. You have to tell them if you want to transfer a balance. Finally they ask if you are more interested in travel rewards or cash back programs.

Credit Karma then reveals to you the best cards for your situation.

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