The Top 5 Credit Building Cards for High Rollers

The Top 5 Credit Building Cards for High Rollers

High rollers are at that eviable stage in life where they enjoy being handsomely rewarded for their business. This is where the premium credit cards come in with their larger than life rewards. Higher rewards rates, travel credits, and richer redemption choices are several of the advantages that premium card holders can look forward to receiving. 

Obviously not just anyone will qualify for these types of high end credit cards. They are designed and targeted towards consumers who boast from good to fantastic credit. There is a considerable cost for these cards too.

Their annual fees start at a hefty $250 and run to $450 and higher. It makes it critical to be sure that you can gain more value than the costs you pay when you apply for these premium credit cards. We look at the top five of them next. 

Best All Around Premium Card

Chase Sapphire Reserve has been impressing high rollers for years. Besides the huge sign up bonuses (that amount to $750 in travel credits), the ongoing rewards are extensive. Best of all, as a card holder you have a great amount of flexibility in redeeming such rewards, offering a wide selection of hotel chains and airlines as redemption partners.

Best Luxury Travel Perks

The Platinum Card from American Express defines luxury travel. Their welcome offer is generous, the redemptions choices are rich, and rewards rates are high. You get perks such as access to airport lounges and no cost hotel benefits that would cost hundreds of dollars. Every feature of the Platinum Card from American Express oozes luxury. 

Best Premium Airline Card

Citi AAdvantage Executive World Elite card is ideal for you who travel frequently with American Airlines. The perks include such things as access to the Admirals Club airport lounge, free checked bags for yourself and as many as eight travelling companions, and zero foreign currency transaction fees. This checked bag credit could save you nearly $500 if you travel with the eight maximum companions. 

Best Premium Dining Card

The American Express Gold Card wins in the category of Best Premium Dining Card. It boasts excellent travel and rich dining rewards along with valuable credits. Thanks to this card, the expenses of indulging in luxurious dining are a little less costly.  

Best Business Travel Card

If you are looking for the best in class business travel card, look no further than the American Express Business Platinum Card. Its perks include access to airport lounges, high rewards, credits for airline costs, and status with their partner hotels. All of these benefits ensure that the AMEX Business Platinum card is ideal for business travellers. 

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