Go Green – The Top 4 Environmentally-Friendly Credit Cards

Go Green - The Top 4 Environmentally-Friendly Credit Cards

The movement to make your daily spending habits more green is increasingly gaining popularity and traction. Now there are credit cards that are considered to be environmentally friendly. Several banks and well known credit issuers provide these socially conscious accounts. They will donate a certain percentage of your total spending towards environmental causes. We look at four of these credit cards here.

Amazon Watch Visa Platinum

Beneficial State Bank is the issuer of the Amazon Watch Visa Platinum card. A pre-set percentage of all of your purchases will be given to Amazon Watch, the environmental social justice and conservation group. Besides this, they offer a reward program with one for one reward points for each dollar you spend. There is no cap on points earned. You can apply these points for merchandise or towards travel.

With no annual fee, this is an environmentally friendly card that is big on brand name recognition. 

Credo Mobile

Comenity Bank offers the green Credo Mobile credit card. Each purchase you make allows them to donate 10 cents to revolving batch of not for profit companies working towards environmental sustainability. They will also plant 25 trees in your name if you spend at least $500 over your first 60 days with the account. You also get three rewards points for all grocery store purchases and charitable donations, with one point for all category purchases.

You can apply the points towards travel, merchandise, or your statement balance. 

Bank of America Defenders of Wildlife Cash Visa

Bank of America brings you this green card that helps endangered and threatened wildlife. For each dollar that you charge, they will donate five cents to green charities. The rewards program gives you a full three percent cash back at gas stations and two percent at grocery stores on your first $1,500 in the combined categories spending, with one percent base on all other charges.

If you spend $500 or more in the first three months of the account they will give you another $100 in cash back. As with each of these green credit cards we are considering here, there is no annual fee. 

Green America Visa Platinum

Beneficial State Bank/TCM Bank brings you the Green America Platinum Visa card. They donate a percentage for all of your purchases to Green America the environmental group. You also earn one for one reward points for dollars spent with no cap on maximum points earned. You can use these points for merchandise or travel. There is no annual fee with this environmentally responsible credit card.

Now that you know the best credit cards for your precise stage in life, it is time to turn our attention to the best ways to improve your credit.

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