When Should I Sell Items To Improve My Credit Score?

Selling personal items to improve your credit will only help if this gives you more ability to pay down debt under the key 30 percent credit utilization immediately or to make your current and future payments on time. You are losing significant points from your credit score for every credit card on which you maintain… continue reading.

3 Quick and Easy Approaches To Increase Your Credit Score

How to Instantly Gain 20 to 30 Points to Your Score There are two things that you can do to easily and relatively quickly improve your credit score. By making all of your bill payments on time, the credit bureaus will be alerted that you are timely with your monthly payments. This most important category… continue reading.

What You Should Know About Credit Purchase, Limits & Repay

Your Credit Card Purchases Do Matter It matters significantly how much you rack up each month in credit card spending. Even if you pay it off by the due date, your creditor will report your balance for the month to the three credit reporting bureaus.  This will worsen your credit utilization ratio, incorporating a critical… continue reading.

Striving for Excellent Credit - Attain An Over 700 Credit Score

According to The Motley Fool and FICO, around 23 percent of American consumers today possess a credit score of 800 or higher (out of a total 850 maximum possible points). This should encourage you to reach for a credit score of at least 700, something you can easily hope to achieve.  The bad news is… continue reading.

The Top 10 Strategies to Build a Good Credit Score

There are some strategies to building up good credit that you should follow to maximize your efforts. We look at the top ten of these next. 1. Borrow Only What You Can Afford to Pay For Remember that credit cards are not intended to help you finance things you can not afford. The most optimal… continue reading.