How to Repair Your Credit If Your Identity Has Been Stolen

How to Repair Your Credit If Your Identity Has Been Stolen

The most important thing with repairing your credit report after your identity has been stolen is to move fast and with patience. The quicker you are able to find and dispute fraud, the easier it will be to have them removed. 

The first thing that you should do is call the credit bureaus and request an immediate freeze on your credit. This will prevent any fraudsters from opening additional accounts. 

You should make an unabridged list of all fraudulent accounts. After you have this, go through the steps to dispute each account error on all three of your reports. These mistakes have to be separately reported one by one up to the point that they are all fixed.

Trying to report multiple fraudulent errors at one time could cause them to miss some of your disputes. You ought to also write letters of dispute for every fraudulent entry and mail them in. Describe the fraud that has occurred in your letters. 

It is imperative that you send the letters using certified mail too. This gives you tracking numbers on when everything is received. Be sure to keep a log of all of your phone calls along with records of electronic and written correspondence. Notes about content and dates of conversations are important to have. 

Finally, you should also contact the financial institutions involved directly so that they are aware that there is fraud on your accounts. Do this in writing to fill them in, as you did with the credit reporting bureaus. Send along copies of the police reports and any other documentation that you have as well. 

Be aware that this takes time to work through these fraudulent mistakes on your credit reports. It will require persistence and patience to get all of these accounts that are fraudulent removed from your credit report. The more of them that there are the longer it will take. 

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