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How Do I Dispute My Credit Report Online?

How Do I Dispute My Credit Report Online?

Disputing information on your credit report online is the fastest way to accomplish this task. If you find something that is incorrect or incomplete while reviewing your credit reports, you can file directly with the credit reporting bureau that has the inaccurate information. Doing so requires that you go to:


According to TransUnion. It requires only minutes of your time and it is completely free to dispute any false items on your reports. You could also call the bureaus or write them to dispute incorrect information, but this would be considerably slower. 

Equifax gives the steps to filing a dispute online. You start by checking your credit report to find any incomplete or inaccurate information. Should you see any information that needs to be corrected, you then click the options on the applicable credit reporting bureau to file a dispute. 

The three credit bureaus claim that they will start investigating the matter immediately. Despite this urgency, it can take them up to 30 days to complete the investigation and to get back with you. The good news is that if the bureau(s) find any information that should be corrected or updated, they will take care of the updates for you. 

Equifax also suggests if you find information from a creditor or lender that is false or incomplete then you contact the lender or creditor who issued your account directly. Doing so may speed up the process of getting the information corrected when the credit bureau contacts the creditor or lender to verify the information.

The bureaus will attempt to update any information on your report from the data you supply them. If it involves material that has been submitted by a third party lender or creditor though, the credit bureau will have to investigate it with them directly. 

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