How to Find a Reputable Credit Counselling Service

One that will not harm your credit score! If you find that you have started living from one pay check to the next, or have become worried about keeping to a budget, then you should start seeking out a good credit counsellor before you fall behind on your credit card bills and loan payments.  Credit… continue reading.

How to Deal With Bankruptcy on Your Credit Report

Sometimes events beyond your control (or mistakes that you made when you were younger and foolish) catch up with your credit and personal finances. At this point, it may actually be your best option to get a fresh start through filing for bankruptcy. The downside is that for the next several years, you will be… continue reading.

How Do I Remove Negative Entries From My Credit Report?

The more serious the derogatory item on your credit report, the harder it will be for your credit repair company to get it completely removed. They will likely find that correctly reported collections and charge offs can only be removed by the use of tactic number three above with a Pay for Delete compromise.  This… continue reading.

How Do I Remove Derogatory Items From Your Credit Report?

Getting specific derogatory items removed from your credit report is an essential part of credit repair and improving your personal credit score. There are four different ways to approach this successfully, and any good credit repair company will likely pursue as many of them as necessary (and even concurrently) to get your desired  results.  1…. continue reading.