The Top 5 Legitimate Credit Repair Companies Ranked

The Top 5 Legitimate Credit Repair Companies Ranked

It is always a good idea to go with one of the top credit repair companies to ensure that you get legitimate credit repair services at a fair price. To make finding these easier, we have ranked and considered the top five credit repair companies for 2019 here for you next. All of them are well-respected and –regarded in the industry and by their existing and past customers.

1. Lexington Law

Lexington Law is something like the gold standard of traditional credit repair companies. This stems from its long years of proven and vast customer experience in the field that date back to more than 25 years. This group also gets major points for being a law firm that specializes exclusively in credit repair.

They have the largest number of successful results and clients to share, with more than nine million derogatory items taken off from client credit reports in the year 2016 alone. 

The company has assisted over half a million clients with credit repair since 2004. We love that Lexington provides three tiers of service, specializing in the Premier Plus program that offers a broad variety of features including providing personal finance tools and tracking your FICO score. You can cancel at any time with Lexington Law. 

2. Sky Blue Credit Repair 

A close second to Lexington in many rankings of credit repair firms is Sky Blue Credit Repair. They have been helping clients since 1989 and offer a free consultation. Their simplicity is among the most appealing features of this firm. Sky Blue offers their famous flat rate payment plan that sets a fixed price for an individual or a couple. 

Credit repair is the only service which they offer, making them extremely laser focused on this work. Sky Blue offers 15 items disputed per month and allows you to easily track your credit repair progress online 24 hours per day, seven days per week. With a full 90 day complete money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose using Sky Blue (except your negative credit report items). The company boasts fast results for most clients appearing in only 30 days. 

You can get started with a very reasonable $79 and may cancel or even pause your membership at any point in the process.

3. The Credit Saint

The Credit Saint is more than just a cool sounding company name. They deliver credit reports from each of the big three consumer reporting bureaus at the conclusion of a billing cycle so that you can literally see the progress of their ongoing credit repair. With three different tiers of service, Credit Saint provides its 90 day, 100 percent money back guarantee for all clients. 

Their one time fee is $99 but they offer monthly fees starting at under $80 and no contract to sign.

The firm has been around for 15 years and has demonstrated its penchant for online transparency, an easy to follow credit repair process, and extremely competitive services and prices in this time. Their wealth of information available to all on the company website ensures that you are able to fully investigate all that they offer before committing to become a client. Their website might be the easiest to navigate of all the top five credit repair companies. 

With a simple click, prospective customers are able to view the details of all three of the company credit repair plans, including what each provides and what it costs. You can have their help for as little as less than $60 per month, making them among the most affordable of the best-rated credit restoration firms. 

4. The Credit Pros

The Credit Pros use an intuitive system of payment that provides their clients with the ability to attack individual derogatory credit items. They also give you the choice to go with a more traditional payment plan per month, which usually amounts to a less expensive option in the long run. In this monthly plan, you get unlimited dispute filing, many different types of letters that they will write for you, and a helpful web portal available to you 24 hours per day, seven days per week to follow your individual progress. 

Whatever way you choose to pay, the Credit Pros are the most expensive of the big five credit repair companies. Yet you get what you pay for as always, which includes individual, private consultation, cease and desist letters to collectors, and unlimited disputes. One downside of the company is that their services are not offered in all 50 states as of time of publication.

5. The Credit People

A relative late comer to the big five credit repair firms is The Credit People. Founded only in 2001, they still have two decades of experience in helping you with your bad credit profiles. They have already assisted more than 100,000 individuals in raising their credit scores

The firm is huge on high quality customer service and this is their focus, in providing past and current clients with unrivalled benefits. Among these advantages are free credit score and credit report summaries, less expensive fees (including an only $19 one time upfront fee), and 24 hour full access to your online account portal. The company is committed to score-driven results, and goes above and beyond the usual means of disputing with the big three credit bureaus to achieve these. 

They do not have a contract and offer a flat monthly fee of under $80 per month. Their satisfaction guarantee ensures that you will only pay for results with which you are fully satisfied. This concludes with three credit scores and reports from Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion at no additional charge to you. The company promises to help you get the highest potential credit score that you can achieve personally. 

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